Inspiring A Theme For Your Wedding

Developing a vision for your wedding day can be a daunting task; especially when there are endless theme options. You may have a Pinterest board where you have been pinning all of the ideas you love, but now it’s time to consolidate all of those loves into one manageable concept.

In this post, I will provide a simple way to create a wedding theme that generates excitement and makes planning the small details more fun.

How does one develop a vision for her wedding day?

It’s easy: take a look at yourself, your fiancé, and your relationship to awaken your creative side. Pinterest and wedding magazines are great for ideas once you have a broad concept of your vision. However, if you base your wedding solely off of what you see on those forums, it may result in a less personal feel. I found that forming the vision for our wedding became much easier when I used our relationship as inspiration.

You, your fiancé, and your relationship should be your starting point. Outline all of your favorite things, what you enjoy doing as a couple, what you both dislike, where you’ve gone in your relationship, etc. Just by writing out this list you might begin to form a vision of what you want and get an idea of what you don’t want.

For example, I wrote on my list that Bernard and I met and formed our friendship at the beach. Although the beach would be personal because it was where we first met, I had to consider that Bernard and I are both are fair-skinned and cannot be in sunlight without sunblock for an extended period without getting burned. We also dislike sand – therefore, a beach wedding was quickly ruled out.

My wedding bouquet – photo by tPoz Photography –

Our flowers are what ultimately brought the vision together. My middle name is Rose, and throughout my entire life, I was often given red roses – so that was one of the flowers I had always envisioned myself carrying. Once my family moved from the suburbs to a more rural area, I became infatuated with sunflowers as many local farmers planted sunflower fields that bloomed every September. I then added sunflowers to my list as homage to the county where we grew up. I thought what theme we could do with these two vibrant colors that would feel like Bernard and me? A Maryland Flag theme quickly emerged as the forerunner that felt most like us.

Bernard’s bow tie showed off our Maryland flag theme. photo by tPoz Photography –

What are some other ways that you, your fiancé, and your relationship can inspire a vision?

Many brides use their fiancé’s favorite sports teams’ colors for their theme which can be fun when doing details like groomsmen socks. If you and your fiancé are big wine drinkers, perhaps looking at a vineyard for the venue could be a unique option. If you and your fiancé love popcorn and watching movies, maybe you will want to incorporate a popcorn bar and name the tables after your favorite movies.

The most amazing thing is you can pretty much do whatever you want – your wedding is a blank slate, and the possibilities are endless. I have talked with many brides who overanalyze what their theme should be. They look at what is trending or try to make an idea that they find cool work but ultimately it isn’t a reflection of them. Removing the personal aspect of it can make planning more difficult and less enjoyable. Take some time to outline your relationship and yourselves as individuals and see how inspiration strikes.



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