The Wedding Registry

There are a lot of parts that go into planning a wedding. One of the more fun activities an engaged couple gets to do is creating their wedding registry. A couple pretty much gets to make a giant gift list and who doesn’t like getting gifts?

Although it is fun, it can also be daunting as there are a lot of items to choose from in many patterns, shapes, and styles. It can even overwhelm a couple who is not entirely sure what they need or where to begin. For this post, I decided to compile a list of helpful tips for engaged couples to ensure that this wedding planning activity is a blast.

  • Plan ahead. Before registering, go room to room and make a list of all the items that you want or need. There are many sample lists available online if you need help brainstorming. Regardless of how you create your list, having one can be helpful to keep you focused and prevent unnecessary items from making it onto your list.
  • Stores and price ranges. Create a wedding registry at two to three stores with varying price ranges. Choose one store that is in a higher price range, then a store that is in a middle range, and than a lower end/ online option. Although this is your wedding and the items you choose will be in your home, used by you, I feel it is necessary to keep in mind that not all the guests have the same budget. Having more store options with different price ranges will allow guests that are on a budget to get you a gift you want without breaking the bank.
  • Keep track of which items were registered where. Although I was a very organized bride, I did not do this on the day we went to the stores to register. Bernard and I instead tried to work from memory to recall what we had registered at the previous store. What we ended up doing is adding items and then going back to the lists once we got home to remove duplicates. Although it wasn’t a big deal, we put ourselves in the position to have to choose between similar items from different stores. Save yourself the hassle, take the list you prepared from step one with you and mark each item with the name of the store at which it was registered.
  • When in doubt, go classic. Right now, you and your significant other may like the bold and unique patterns, but will you still love it five years from now? It may be better, in the long run, to pick items with a neutral color and simple design that will never go out of style and can withstand years of changing tastes.
  • Choose items for the future. Registering for items you need right now is excellent, but also take some time to think about what you need in the future. For example, we registered for a nice roasting pan. Currently, our home is not big enough to host large holiday gatherings for which I would use the roasting pan; however, one day when we move I would like to host Thanksgiving, and I’ll already own a nice roasting pan for the turkey.
  • Do I really need this? While I encourage registering for items for the future, don’t let yourself get carried away. There are a ton of nifty household and kitchen gadgets out there, but keep in mind you don’t need every single one. I pondered over many of these gadgets when registering, but I have a vivid recollection of standing in one of the stores contemplating on whether or not to add ‘Turkey Lifters’ to our list. Do I need turkey lifters? They do seem useful. Does my mom use turkey lifters? Etc. We determined that the large serving forks that were already on our list could do the same job. Remember, whatever goes on your list has the potential to get bought for a gift, if it isn’t necessary don’t add it.
  • Larger items. Don’t automatically write off larger pricier items. Sometimes a group of people may want to go in on a gift together, and on a larger item, they can split the cost into an affordable price.
  • House and holiday decor. When we registered one of the store clerks mentioned that many people forget they can add house and holiday decor items onto their lists. As I was one of those people who forgot, I thought that advice was worthwhile to pass on to other brides.
  • Unconventional registry items. There is no law that says you can only register for kitchen and linens for your wedding. A unique store at which to register especially if your home is a fixer upper is Home Depot. There are other uncommon registry options you can add such as couple’s cooking classes, wine clubs, and even honeymoon excursions. Don’t limit yourself to just the run of the mill household registry items and branch out.

Lastly, the experience of creating a registry together is the most valuable part. It is one way you and your significant other can together envision the home and life you are building for the future.