Where I started…

Full disclosure: I do not have an extensive dating history.

I had my first serious boyfriend when I was a sophomore in high school and he a graduating senior. We dated for almost two years, and we broke up at the beginning of my senior year. I learned a lot about myself in that relationship; if I am honest, I wasn’t the best girlfriend or person I could have been. I only talked to a couple of different guys here and there after him; but, never fully committed to any of them.

Then I met Bernard.

We met just after high school graduation in May of 2007. I didn’t become aware of my feelings for Bernard or his for me until late in July of the same year. It took a little bit for him to grow on me after our first encountered, which was a bit rocky; however, we were friends soon enough. Even once we were friends, it took some time for me to get to know him and get past the party boy facade. I was oblivious to his feelings for me, or mine for him until one day it clicked and I saw him in an entirely different light. Once our feelings for one another were recognized; the harsh reality set in that we would be going to school four hours apart and neither of us had ever done a long distance relationship.

We took a chance anyway.

I was seventeen, and he was eighteen, and we were together six years before getting engaged and eight years before we got married. While I know I was young when I met my husband; I merely dipped into the dating pool never fully submerging myself. My husband and I grew up together. Yes, I know people consider the ‘growing up years’ to be from zero to eighteen – but I respectfully disagree. I believe the real growing up begins at eighteen when you legally become accountable for your life choices. I cannot begin to outline in a single post all the decisions Bernard, and I became responsible for nor all the ups and downs we experienced that led us to “I Do,” but I plan to write about them here.

I look forward to filling this section with more of my story and pivotal moments as well as provide insights and approaches to assisting you, and your significant other become a stronger unit.