Pregnancy – Like it or Love it?

Do you love being pregnant? A woman asked me this question at work about a month ago, and my knee-jerk response was, “I would say I like being pregnant, but I wouldn’t say I love it.” I have been asked this same question multiple times since then, and my response hasn’t changed, but I have done some reflecting on what I like and what I don’t like and decided to share it this week for a post.

What do I not like about being pregnant?

  1. The unpredictable changes my body is experiencing. While I know, I am going to get bigger; pregnancy affects everything going on in your body. I like predictability so unpredictable has been an adjustment. However, I believe I am just being prepped for parenthood.
  2. Not being able to move and do what I’m used to doing. I cannot bend over like I used to, or take long walks because I get winded. I cannot lift heavy objects, which is particularly challenging because I have to rely on others to help me. These are not huge deals, but it is tough adjusting to a new normal or relying on others to assist.
  3. The third trimester in the summer. I do not like to sweat unless I am working out. So being hot, and large, and sweating just from taking my dog out for three minutes is not fun or pleasant. Next child, I’ll be praying for a pregnancy that occurs in the winter months.
  4. Sleeping on my side. I am a stomach sleeper, so not being able to sleep on my stomach has been a big adjustment.

What do I like about being pregnant?

  1. Fetal movements. I more LOVE this than like this, and it is something I am genuinely going to miss. I know having our son in the flesh that I can snuggle and kiss will be just as if not more amazing. However, it has been such a cool experience feeling movements that started off as little flutters and have gotten stronger as the weeks progressed. I love this unique ability a mother has to bond with her baby through these fetal movements.
  2. The belly. Although I mentioned the belly size has limited my ability to move and do things like I usually would, I do like having it. I have grown accustomed to it and have come to value the beauty in it.
  3. Being able to eat what I want but in moderation. Before I became pregnant, I would barely eat sweets and limit what I ate in general to maintain my figure. While I am not going crazy, I don’t deny myself cravings; if I want ice cream, I get ice cream which has been sweet and satisfying.
  4. Feeling happy and content. The scary pregnancy hormones that people talk about have not affected me. I have become more relaxed. I made the joke the other day to my husband Bernard that I hope the pregnancy hormones haven’t made me more relaxed and when I am no longer pregnant I’ll go back to being crazy. Bernard disagreed, he thinks the zen-like change in me is due entirely to me being mindful of my reactions and moods. Maybe he is right; perhaps I am not giving myself enough credit. Regardless, I feel happy and content all the time now and find myself letting things go much more smoothly.

As you can see I am four for four, which is why I stick by my original stance that while I like being pregnant, I do not love it. I do think it is important to mention this, although there are things I do not like about being pregnant I continuously remind myself when I am frustrated that I have to ask someone to help carry something to my car, or when I am sweating just from standing that this is not an experience afforded to everyone. Reminding myself of this keeps my complaining in check. All in all, at 30 weeks pregnant, it has been a pretty smooth ride.