The Things People Say and Do

I am now in the third trimester of my pregnancy and the time is flying by – our little man will be here before we know it! Being as I am in the final leg of this pregnancy journey my growing belly is evident to anyone who sees me and because of that, I have now noticed there are unique things people say and do around pregnant women. I want to state for the record, I have become more zen during this pregnancy so the things I am about to report, I find curious and humorous more than anything else.

  1. Rubbing the belly. It is a known thing that non-pregnant people do to pregnant women. I have heard from other women that they have had complete strangers do it to them, thankfully that hasn’t happened to me because I would find that strange. However, family and friends do this, and I do not mind. I think being pregnant is magical and I don’t mind spreading the joy.
  2. People are more courteous, kind, and friendly. People hold doors for me, give up their seats, allow me to walk through openings first, give me the first slice of cake, and smile and engage in conversations with me more. I believe this is just people being friendly to a pregnant woman. However, in some cases, I have found that people seem more willing to go along with things I say or do as if they do not want to upset a pregnant woman. It is as if they believe that me getting upset could cause an emotional breakdown or pre-mature labor neither of which any non-pregnant person wants to be responsible. I also have observed that people smile at me more and strangers seem to be more inclined to talk to me about the growing bump.
  3. Inquisitive men. Since I became pregnant, I have noticed that more men ask questions and seem curious about the ins and outs of pregnancy more so than women. I find this to be intriguing and I love answering all their questions.
  4. Gory and detailed birth stories from acquaintances. I read a book at the start of my pregnancy that said I should prepare myself for unabashed and unsolicited labor stories – I didn’t believe this book when I read it. But, since it has become more evident that I am pregnant, acquaintances feel compelled to share with me all the gruesome details of their pregnancies. I find this curious because I cannot imagine sharing with someone I barely know personal details like this and creating a mental image in that person’s mind of myself that they never asked for or wanted.
  5. Asking and making comments about my weight. I always thought it was considered a faux pa to ask someone about their weight, particularly if that person was a woman. However, it seems when a woman is pregnant all the etiquette around this topic goes out the window. I have people make comments like, “You’re Huge” or “You must be having twins!” Other people, blatantly ask me sometimes in front of a large group of people, how much weight have I gained? This is the one thing on the list that I do not find humorous, and it honestly irks me. It feels like a judgmental question that based on my response they can gauge how healthy or unhealthy I’ve been throughout my pregnancy. Perhaps, I am just sensitive.

Being as I am an observant person I have picked up on these things that people do and say and made a mental note of them. For the most part, my experience with people has been positive. What I have recognized more so than anything is that the anticipation of new life brings about delight and pleasure in pretty much everyone I encounter. Men, women, mothers, fathers, non-pregnant people, children all seem to relish in the birth of a new being coming into the world.