About Me

About sections are weird things to write. It is a form of self-promotion, and self-promotion is something of which I am not fully comfortable doing. It crossed my mind to outsource this section, but that seemed counterintuitive being as I am a blogger. So, this is my about section, filled with why I am writing this blog and things you may or may not want to know about me.

Let’s start with my name, Hello, I am Abigail R.C. McManus.

When I started Pearls of Prudence I had a clear idea in mind. I wanted to write for women in relationships, particularly women dealing with conflict in their relationships. I wanted to write how to productively and constructively manage those conflicts so that the relationship runs smoothly. I still want to write about those things. But over time, the focus of my blog has shifted. Now in addition to all of that, I want to write to empower anyone in a relationship or anyone who is single. I want to write for the new parent, the new wife, or the single guy or gal just trying to make it through life. So my new focus is this: I write about what I know and investigate what I don’t and write about that too.

I wrote at the end of my last about section, “My hope is that this blog will help to make the journey much smoother.” I was referencing couples in relationships, but this time around I am switching it up to say, my hope is that this blog and the topics I cover will help to make your journey through life much smoother.

What you should know about me?

I am a wife, I have been with my husband, Bernard for eleven years, three of them married. I am a new mom, my son Q is three months old. I am a dog mom as well, to a Bull Terrier named Alvin. I have a number of other roles in my life, but those three are the most constant.

I am not a high fashion girl. My typical outfit consists of a t-shirt and jeans or a t-shirt and workout pants. I hardly ever wear make-up and when I do it is super basic because I never achieved the skill of applying it perfectly. I wear glasses, not as a fashion statement, but because I have a fear of touching my eyes so I don’t do contacts. It has taken me years to become comfortable in my own skin and I still do not feel 100% there.

I am a Christian and I consistently growing in my faith.

Things I love: Books, Running, Yoga, Journaling, Listening to Music, Dancing and more Dancing. I honestly believe you should dance as often as possible, which I do.

I also love conflict – not causing it but resolving it in such a way that it is constructive. I love conflict so much that I decided to become a Master of it! That is, I received my Master’s in Negotiation and Conflict Management and I now volunteer as a community mediator. I tell you this because many topics I write about discuss this and you should know why I speak with authority on it.

I think that is enough for now. You will learn more about me as you read. So come back each week and see what I am discussing.